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louloulouina ([personal profile] louloulouina) wrote2013-12-09 02:28 am
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greetings ♥

yeah i'm pretty much super late to the party, but whatever.

hello, my name is sarah, and i grew a little weary of tumblr. sure, it's got it's perks, and i find it enjoyable, but there have just been several things about it that have gotten old. (namely types of people.) i still use it, mostly because of my friends that are on it, but i want a fresh start and try out some new stuff.

so here i am. let's see how this goes.

alas, i'm not a particularly interesting person, and tumblr has made me a lazy "blogger," but i shall give it my best shot. you'll probably mostly find me talking about whatever comes to mind, and occasionally i'll post stuff about video games and books i've played/read and the like, because that's pretty much all i've got going on in my life.

if you're lucky, you might even see some art!

so with that, i bid you adieu for now. i probably should be asleep at this time of night anyway... whoops.